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SurfCrete® pavement maintenance products can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

Before SurfCrete®


After SurfCrete®

SurfCrete® pavement maintenance products can help restore and rejuvenate old pavement.




Concrete Maintenance

Pavement maintenance can become an increasing challenge as government agencies become responsible for the care and upkeep of a growing variety of road and pavement surfaces.

But Pavement Technology’s SurfCrete® provides a single answer for those multi-material dilemmas. As a polymer formulated to be mixed with water, cement, and sand, SurfCrete® is able to resurface a wide variety of pavements.

SurfCrete® becomes a highly mobile, thin bond resurfacer that is easily workable with controlled sag and flow characteristics. The mixture will adhere to virtually all types of substances to produce a new, waterproof, bondable surface compatible with all types of coatings and adhesives.

It will feather to a “zero edge” without losing strength, flexibility or adhesion.  A normal 2-coat application is approximately 18 mils thick.

SurfCrete®, when blended with appropriate aggregate, can be used as a very effective deep patching material for a variety of pavement maintenance and repair projects.  In fact, SurfCrete®  is one of the top performing products in NTPTP Report #9006.1.

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