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Pavement maintenance, asphalt rejuvenation, soil stabilizing, dust supressing and concrete sealing products from Pavement Technology DUST BOND® soil stabilizer Litho1000™ concrete sealer SurfCrete® pavement maintenance SINAK® concrete repair CRF® asphalt repair Cyclogen® asphalt repair JOINTBOND® asphalt maintenance Reclamite® asphalt rejuvenation


Pavement Maintenance & Preservation Products

As agencies across the country face higher costs and tighter revenue streams pavement maintenance budgets are often the first to fall victim to budget cuts.

Neglecting pavement preservation and asphalt maintenance, however, simply leads to larger problems – and expenses – down the road. But prolonging a pavement’s life can help agencies better manage their resources and get a strong return on their infrastructure investments.

The key to prolonging the life of any pavement is early and continued preventive maintenance.  Agencies can greatly prolong the life of many pavements by sealing against the intrusion of water and salt, crack sealing and patching deteriorated areas. 

Pavement Technology provides trusted proven pavement maintenance and preservation products for both asphalt and concrete structures along with our signature pavement rejuvenation products.

We also offer cost-effective efficient methods of maintaining dirt roads.

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