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Pavement maintenance and preservation products from Pavement Technology are used to maintain, repair and preserve roadways throughout the country.



Pavement Technology is proud of the important contributions we’ve made to the pavement maintenance and preservation industry.

Check back here regularly to learn more about our latest developments.

11/7/2013: Available for download: Q&A on 23CFR635.411.
11/7/2013: Available for download: Guidance on Patented & Proprietary Product Approvals.
11/7/2013: Available for download: AASHTO's Product Evaluation List.
3/6/2013: We’ve just released our updated Life-Cycle pavement preservation calculator. Now, by inputting just a few numbers, agencies can quickly figure the lifecycle of their pavement, with – and without – a regular pavement preservation plan. You can download the calculator directly from our website, simply by submitting our contact form. Click here to begin the process.