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DUST BOND® soil stabilizer and dust suppressant can be applied year round.

DUST BOND® is the environmentally friendly answer to controlling dust and stabilizing soil.

Road maintenance crews across the country rely on DUST BOND® dust suppressant and soil stabilizer.



Dust Bond® is a high performance dust suppressant and soil stabilizer that has been specially formulated using an adhesive petroleum resin suspended in a stable emulsion.  It was developed to be the “environmentally friendly solution” to replace the recently prohibited waste oils and by-products which harmed the environment.

DUST BOND® is:     

Our DUST BOND® soil stabilizer and dust suppressant also:

Immediately after being sprayed on a dusty road surface, the DUST BOND® resin globules attach to the dusty fine particles, agglomerating them into particles too large to become airborne.  In other words, “It makes the dust too fat to fly.”

The water used to dilute DUST BOND® softens surface tension and lets the resin penetrate below the surface.  Penetration improves compaction as the resinous material coats large pieces of aggregate and attracts the small particles to form a solid mass.

When you need a cost-efficient, effective soil stabilizer and dust suppressant, you need DUST BOND® -- contact us now for details.

Watch our DUST BOND demonstration video.