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Cyclogen® asphalt repair products are available in six grades.

Cyclogen® asphalt recycling repair products increase the roadway's durability.


Cyclogen® Asphalt Repair

Cyclogen® is an asphalt repair material composed of selected maltene and asphaltene fractions derived from petroleum.

Cyclogen® is available in:

All grades of this asphalt repair and recycling agent provide durability by correcting the durability parameter (N+A1) / (P+A2) of the aged asphalt.  The difference between the grades is based on viscosity and their effect on consistency of the recycled mix. 

After the asphalt pavement has been prepared for recycling by breaking it up to the desired sieve size (usually 1 inch to 1 ½ inches or less), Cyclogen® will be the only additive required.

Cyclogen® is added in the emulsified form for cold recycling.  Either the emulsion or oil is used in hot recycling depending on what type of mixing equipment is used.

Design nomographs for Cyclogen® have been developed and may be used by the engineer to predict the adjustment to the asphalt binder viscosity in the recycled pavement.

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