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CRF® is a restorative surface seal that helps fill the gap between early asphalt maintenance and complete replacement.

CRF® asphalt repair products help agencies maintain and preserve their asphalt roadways.

Asphalt repair and maintenance programs throughout the country include CRF® crack sealant.


CRF® Asphalt Repair

CRF® is an emulsified product comprised of a special asphalt emulsion and asphalt rejuvenating agent that provide several asphalt repair options.

As a Crack Sealant, CRF®:

Following application of CRF®, a dusting of sand is placed to cover the asphalt repair area during the initial curing period. 

As a Restorative Surface Seal, CRF® was developed to help fill the gap between early preventive maintenance and total replacement.

CRF® is the right asphalt repair choice once a pavement gets distressed to the point where rejuvenation alone is not enough and you need to begin to think of corrective maintenance. 

Applied as a cold cationic emulsion, the material will seal cracks, fill raveled areas,  and help rejuvenate the existing pavement. Costing one half of other corrective procedures, Restorative Seal can help stretch the life of the pavement at low cost..

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